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Synonym for delayed, generally used when referring to ignition times of car engines.

Also the #1 trigger word in social media for some reason, even though worse and more unambiguously derogatory words exist, such as nigger, and most people use it to just colloquially describe something bullshit, you know, WITHOUT making fun of the mentally disabled.
Facebook user 1: Have you heard about the mayor's decision to raise taxes for low-income families?
Facebook user 2: Yeah, ruining chances of those who hardly had any to start with? That's just retarded.
Autistic person:
Random Canadian girl: TRIGGERED
by Someone32143214 November 04, 2019

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The #1 most overused excuse used by Asian parents to justify beating the fuck out of their kids yet still get surprised when that only makes them even worse.
Korean kid: I can't believe you beated me up last night over crappy grades and kicked me out of the house.
Parent: It was just disciprine. I only did that because I love you.
Kid: bruh
by Someone32143214 January 31, 2021

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