an amazing movie by darren aronofsky.
instead of wasting class time for kids with D.A.R.E., just show them this movie.
it may permanently traumatize them, but they sure as hell won't be doing drugs any time soon.

also, which most people seem to neglect, an amazing, sad, almost painfully beautifully written novel by hubert selby jr. which, you guessed it, the movie is based upon.
don't show 'requiem to a dream' to anyone tripping or suicidal.

but you should read the book, too.
by smokin' el June 19, 2005
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a.) Best movie. Ever.
b.) Most depressing movie. Ever.

Truly, this is a great movie that will make you think.
**Matt, after watching movie** ""
by Muse_addict November 29, 2004
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requiem- a death song
requiem for a dream- a song about the death of a dream, the realization that your dream has died.
requiem for a dream is one badass movie
by Mr.Awesome January 10, 2005
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Amazing movie, probably the best of the century. Great editing, sequences, direction, acting, storyline and execution of the book.
Me: You seen Requiem for a dream?
Someone: No
Me: It's all about how your addictions can fuck you up, set in Brooklyn.
by Sheri November 13, 2003
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insane movie prolly the best movie ever to depict addiction.
guy: ey u seen requiem for a dream?

guy 2: fuck ye man, im never trying smack after that guy shot H in his fucked up arm
by yask87 August 31, 2008
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Really good book, written by Hubert Selby, Jr. in 1978, published by Thunder's Mouth Press. It depicts three people's spiral deep into addiction on their dreams and drugs.
"I want more drugs."
"Then go get them."
by Kiki January 1, 2005
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A crazy movie which trys to show you what addictions can do to you. Kind of brutal. Uses alot of fancy editing.
When the movie ended, Mike sat there for a few moments and then thought to himself " What the fuck just happened?" Time to cut out the heroin
by Person December 2, 2003
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