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A young smart girl who has some very weird friends. She loves to read, bake, and be the first one to accomplish anything. She loves to make jokes, and then tell then. She's very unique in her own way. And hates to be call Shelby.
Never let a Selby go
by What is up? December 07, 2018
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Any young, effeminate, and fragile boy who often makes outlandish complaints to his mother regarding his environment or other guardians charged with caring for him.
Selby, in the bath: "But mother! The water's too wet!"
Mother: "Shut up and scrub yourself, Selby."

Selby: "Mother! I just know Mrs. Sluggins is a dirty mobster! She's a baritone and has the hairiest lip I've ever seen!"
Mother: "Be good, Selby, and let Mrs. Sluggins tuck you in. I'm leaving for a few hours; she'll be minding you while I'm gone."
Mrs. Sluggins: "..."
by effed eft December 03, 2009
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What could I use to sip my soda slowly ?
Oh hey, just go get a Selby
by Shakespeare W July 16, 2018
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A male who wears gay clothes, especially shoes shaped like peter pan. Also has a gay bag and pretends to like stella to compensate for being gay.
"You selby shit dick"
by zygmund December 08, 2003
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Noun: derived from the Latin 'Filia Satraps' meaning simply: "Daughter of Governor".

The phrase Selby is often mistaken for a male who wears gay clothing, infact it means the complete opposite: a female with raw swagga. Selbys are also pro at art and often take photographs of the rear end of cats.

A Selby is often known for her pranking abilities, her favourite pranks include the fat from bacon being draped over certain objects, a door handle, a shoe.. a shoulder.

Selbys often have an extreme dislike for veins, spiders and damp dustsheets among other things. However a Selby often enjoys creating videos depicting herself as a disabled child or as a pro dancer/skateboarder.

Selbys are noted to have the ability to stay awake until the early hours of the day, talking to Mayells about a wide variety of subjects including hilarious facebook groups that she has discovered or new amazing tunes until her neck begins to break and her typing ability degrades to a mash of buttons.

Common names associated with Selby: Alex, Alec, Betty, Betty Swollocks, Selbs, Mary, Ash.
"Mate, I see Selby the other day laying all in these wet dustsheets, she tried to rip out and eat my veins."

"Nahhh man, you must've been shekkd to the maximum."
by Alpha Mayell April 26, 2010
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often used for ultra-cynical young males who decide to become priests because they can't stand the idea of living with anyone other than celibate men; men who pride themselves on being homosexual as a facade for their deliberate platonic promiscuity; men who often display signs of jealousy when his other brother seminarians have managed to gain the attention of a hot girl and he hasn't.
Example 1:
Friend #1: Oh, that girl looks so good!
Friend #2: Damn, she's hot but there is no way I'd live with her.

Friend #1: You are such a Selby.

Example 2:

Man, our parish priest is a Selby, he hit on me and my daughter on the same day

Example 3:
Seminarian #1: Get off the computer! You shouldn't be talking to a girl on SKYPE. You're breaking your vow.

Seminarian#2: Don't be such a Selby dude!
by adobewall November 07, 2010
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This includes 9 people of mixed gender in a dark, 6 foot basement with a foot of water to set the mood.
"The power's out, let's go downstairs and Selby!"
by Chilenani July 13, 2009
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