The sexual act of spitting/ejaculating into your partner's mouth. Then, the partner with the spit/semen, spits it down the first spitter's butthole.
I just ate hot cheetos, so I had a lot of spit in my mouth, so I asked my bitch if it was cool if I spit it in her mouth cuz she was thirsty. I was astonished when she asked if she could do some Repainting the Basement, but I obliged anyway, and it was worth it.
by hubiedubie February 8, 2013
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When something turns out wonderfully well on your way.
You know I thought I'd f*ed up on my exam? Turns out I aced it after all. I'm so repainted!
by Maatts9 June 18, 2017
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A texture pack that replaces all of the textures with random memes.
this repainted sucks, they didn't even replace more than half the textures
by evil poob September 10, 2022
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Marcus entered the hotel room with a bottle of jack and a magnum hoping he had enough courage to finally repaint the walls.
by H@ppy Tra1ls March 12, 2019
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Right before coming, the dick is pulled out and cum sprayed on the body.
Austin pulled out and repainted it.
by Pow pow mfucker February 23, 2018
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