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A funny, retarted, super-sexy, oh so sexable guy. Has a great circle of friends and everyone knows his name. He is also outgoing, adventurous, silly, weird, unique, interesting and cool dude to be with.
Girl 1: Damn, there goes that renz again shaking his ass in public
Girl 2: Yeah... he makes me laugh my ass off
Girl 1: Too bad he's taken... I would love to go out with that renz.

Girl 2: And I'd so do him mad hard
Girl 1: You sound like a skank but that is true.
by corncake3025withwhipcream November 04, 2009
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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A great dancer, has the cutest smile in the whole world, in the universe rather, a caring and loyal guy, the smartest guy in the world and lastly the one I love the most.
Renz makes my heart flutter.
by tentenen January 23, 2019
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A Really Awesome and not to mention Really Handsome He is a Chick Magnet and a good singer he's just awesome
Girl 1:Did you know about renz
Girl 2:Yeah I Wanna sleep with him
by 74M3NUMB3RS October 01, 2019
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(verb) the act of making out with at least 6 girls in one night; action consists of: grab, spin, kiss, ask for consent (during), make out, laugh, run away, repeat

A synonym for sauce.
"Are you guys trying to Renz at the club tonight?"
"Dude, I Renzed so many girls last night"
by thirdstreetfleet November 06, 2017
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A cunt. A clinically insane Goofy who is guilty of massacring children.
wow. did he just renz that school AND theatre ??????????????
by mrfilthiestfrank January 04, 2017
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