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remie is really cool.
you'll never meet a nicer person.
she's amazing.
not a remtard.
remie's a hot french speaking girl who loves ivon.
whose that hot french speaking girl?
oh, thats remie.
by hamishbruhz February 18, 2009
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A girl who has original ideas and thoughts, usually the ones that the Mafia and Hustlers never think of. She never backs down from a good fight, or was it her that started it, no-one will ever know.

Give her 2 Bucks and she will turn it into 3 million overnight.

Never get on the wrong side of any Remie's they can be very very dangerous.

Most people take advantage of remie s and realise later that they fucked up.
Boy : God is that Remie

Girl: "yeah thats her alright"

Boy : "go and ask her if she remembers me"

Girl: "Hell No, i dont think so, thats Remie you twit"
by Badiday Inday October 26, 2010
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A very funny person. Remies often get very pissed off easily and do not take no for an awnser. This name is often for a boy but is also used as a girl name too. He/she can get very nervous around boy/girls they like. Remies are usually beautiful people with kind hearts but a huge attitude.
Remie-"Don't touch me!"
Boy-"Are you on your period?"
Remie-"YES, now im going to kill you!"
by ImRight123 December 22, 2011
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a retard, a remster, a remtard. A cerebrally-challenged individual.
You stupid remie!
John, your'e such a remie!
by J June 17, 2003
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