The fundemental jazz chord progression. Taken from II-V-I, or more descriptively, IIm7-V7-IM7
An example of a 251 progression in the key of C major is: Dmin7 (2 or II is 2nd scale degree of C) G7 (G is 5 or V scale degree of C) Cmaj7
by kwajazz July 24, 2006
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To be Chill.

Derived from the chord progression used often in jazz to end a phrase or song or to lead into a new segment.
"Hey man, how are ya?"
"Fine, pretty 251"
by Jazzy_Joe May 12, 2009
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area code of lower alabama. main city is mobile
we be's in da 251.
by 251 whodi July 13, 2003
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