Joe Bloggs was the name of a clothing brand which became popular during the Madchester baggy era of the late 1980's.

Even though no-one has actually worn Joe Bloggs clothes since about 1993, teachers in Britain (due to a lack of imagination) continually refer to this as an example name.

Teacher: "If I have nine apples and Joe Bloggs takes away three apples, how many do I have left?"
Pupil: "Who the fuck is this Joe Bloggs? Sounds like a pikey bastard if he has to steal apples."
by Groucho Marxist September 06, 2006
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Joe Blogg or Joe Bloggs is a name that is used by teachers with no imagination
teacher: 'Joe Bloggs discovered Jesus's tomb empty'

whole class: Who the hell is Joe Bloggs!
by millsy51000 August 30, 2018
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