This is the slightly guilty sensation of KNOWINGLY pissing or shitting in your adult diaper (aka “brief”), especially when you don’t actually need to wear this type of thing. You’re just wearing Depends Briefs for convenience and laziness, not because you can’t control your bladder or bowels.
We all went to the casino for the bachelor party and no one wanted to leave their slot machines - thank god we’d all worn Depends Briefs. I hit the jackpot which I admit was pretty satisfying, but my actual favourite part of the night was the feeling I had when I got to piss in my adult diaper. Ahh - “Brief Relief”!
by Mandi Harmony July 12, 2018
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Since the prices of gas are not coming down and there is no relief in sight, "relief at the pump" NOW means taking a piss on the pump, dump on the pump, or displaying some other form of aggressive or disagreeable behavior.

Urinating or defecating on the gas pump.
Jack was so ticked off that gas was $5.00/gallon when he was on his ski vacation that he got "relief at the pump" by peeing on the pump! What an idiot! Still, I can't say I blame him!
by thingoneandthingtwo March 04, 2012
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The act of opening ones bowels after holding it for a prolonged period of time. Relief shits are often explosive and those lucky enough to have reached a toilet in time describe the feeling as euphoric or like experiencing an orgasm.

There are 4 stages leading up to a relief shit.

Stage 1. A deep grumbling pain develops in the stomach far away from any known toilet, which intensifies very rapidly.

Stage 2. Panic ensues and victims break out in a sweat as the chocolate banana starts poking its way out.

Stage 3. Deep concentration sets in as the victim focuses on various arse clenching techniques to contain the beast.

Stage 4. Desperation. By now, the chocolate volcano is due to erupt any second and the victim is literally touching cloth. The end is neigh. A stage 4 victim cannot stand straight nor walk properly.

Many times, it will end with the victim franticly fumbling with a door key, trying to gain access to their property, losing vital seconds in the race for the loo.
There is a phenomena related to relief shits where the dark pony becomes more intent on escaping the closer you get to home.

Wife's and girlfriends are notorious relief shitters. They wait hours, sometimes days for their partners to leave the house before decimating the toilet bowl. They then clean up the monstrosity they have created just in time for the unsuspecting husbands return.

It is estimated that in the UK alone, 72% of men are married to, or living with serial relief shitters.
"God I wish he'd leave the house so I can finally have this relief shit'

"I went back home as I forgot my car key, You won't believe me but I caught the wife taking an almighty relief shit, had to get the plumber out"
by Lee Everette March 12, 2015
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When a man puts his stiff cock into the cleavage between a woman's tits in order to achieve orgasm. Either of them can use their hands to press her tits together around his cock, and he moves back and forth just like fucking until he cums. She will receive the sperm between her tits or on her chin and neck depending on the size of her tits and the length of his cock.
Press your sexy big tits together darling, I will give it to you and have a breast relief.
by breastlover1 December 09, 2012
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Taking an unnecessary shower that you need anyways to relieve your stress. Many people like the calming affects that warm water gives them.
"Even though I showered 2 hours ago, I really needed a relief shower after me and my boyfriend got into a fight."
by OhSoAle January 07, 2010
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When you are in a frustrating or boring circumstance, but there is a lady there with a nice bosom, so the situation is a little bit better. Kind of like when there is Comic Relief to lighten up the mood, its Tits Relief
"Man I hate being in this waiting room"

"Ya but at least we got some tits relief from that braud with the V-neck"
by touchdown49ers November 28, 2011
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Sometimes hyphenated. Also known as low relief. A sculptural relief that projects from the background only slightly. Difficult to distinguish from full relief sculptures from a certain angle.
Donatello and his famous high and bas relief of the Pulpit of Saint Lorenz and the works of della Robbia cousins as the chorister by Luca della Robbia are very famous all over the world.
by ... January 16, 2005
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