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n. remembering a profound event in your recent life... and forgeting it again because you are ripped.
ahhh yeah... i had a relevation today. Ummm. Yeah. Relevation, HA! Ok I forget now.
by Moniks April 03, 2008
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n. Any moment in which one could say,"I never thought of it that way before."
Spencer:"I heard bug parts get in chocolate bars, but how?"
Zach:"Well, last I checked, bugs like plants."
Spencer:"I...I..oh dang..."
Aaron:"Thanks for that relevation Zach."
Zach:"Anytime fool."
by Angel of Justice October 24, 2005
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Trumped-up revelation that is supposed to be relevant to a certain time, person, event, place or period, but isn't.
The evangelist's relevation to the congregation was that God wants them to give the Church more money.
by Dustcircle August 31, 2012
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