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When something is just so right that only one word can explain it. Only one word is relevant enough to highlight the relevance of the situation.
Billy: Hey pass me that ruler why don't you?
Ruth: Why should I do that? Are you going to measure that water tower?
Billy: That's totally unrelevant!
Ruth: It's pronounced irrelevant.
Billy: That's so relevant of you.
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
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the most amazing group of people ever, having to do with things that are real and that matter
wow, that church in willisamsbug is relevant
by thewordnator October 12, 2008
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A word to describe a group of people in whom everyone else likes to know what's going on and gossip about.
Is similar to popular, almost a replacement
Omg go away you're so irrelevant
A:"did you hear that Ruby and Jake broke up" B:"No" A:"How come you didn't know they're so relevant"
by JimmieMcJimmerson June 05, 2018
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The group of boys that a group of girls stalk. These unfortunate fellows usually hook up with one of the girls first, resulting in her friends becoming obsessed with him. The actions they do include; prank calling them, facebook stalking them, laughing when they see them, saying their name a lot, going out of their way to pass them in the halls, and joining in on their inside jokes. The boys are usually all friends, and are oblivious to the fact that girls stalk them.
Creepy Girl 1: Lets go down the english hallway today, the relevant boys hang out there!!!

Creepy Girl 2: Ok!! I hooked up with 2 of them. lets laugh at them when we walk by, and make awkward eye-contact.

Relevant Boy 1: Oh shit, there's that girl I hooked up with last weekend.

Relevant Boy 2: Oh hey same!
by lawlington December 29, 2009
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