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When something is just so right that only one word can explain it. Only one word is relevant enough to highlight the relevance of the situation.
Billy: Hey pass me that ruler why don't you?
Ruth: Why should I do that? Are you going to measure that water tower?
Billy: That's totally unrelevant!
Ruth: It's pronounced irrelevant.
Billy: That's so relevant of you.
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
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Shortened version of W-T-F, which is an abbreviation of "What the Fuck?!".

It is primarily derived from the letter W (double U). DOUBLE U = DOUBS.
Toni: Hey man I just ate a peacock
Gil: N to the S Ms. Collete! What did that badboy taste like?
Toni: Ya mum!
Gil: DOUBS?!?!
by Slicksville April 13, 2009
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Cebs means that someone can't be bothered doing something. It is an abbreviation of ceebs, which is an abbreviation of C-B-F (which means Can't be fucked).
George: DAMMIT I left my jellybean on the roof!
Philip: Did you assemble the antenna?George: Cebs.
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
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Someone who copped a rad haircut. Such a haircut is rather/extremely boofy and enhances one's ability to pick up hot babes.
Phoebe: Teach me.
Boofa: To what?
Phoebe: To love.
*Boofa removes his cap revealing his collosal boof*
Claude: What was the question again?
*She licks his boof like it's 1964*
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
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