Not a weed or regular. Mysterious, sad boy who needs only to open his eyes and see that there are those who care around him. Most likely great in math. Misunderstood. Great person and friend once you get to know him.
You're such a Reg.
by loveyouloveyou June 12, 2004
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Miami slang for a quality of street weed. Commonly misidentified as schwag. In the street weed hierarchy, there are three echelons - mids, regs, schwag. Schwag is the dirt weed that tastes nasty and makes you choke when you hit it. Regs is a step above schwag - definitely not good shit, no crystals, a sickly fragrance, looks like the marijuana plant has been thrown through a wood-chipper, but cleaner than schwag. The high is mainly a body high and very weak compared to dank, but not unpleasant like the headache high schwag gives you. Mids are the best weed you can by off the street - crystals, fragrance, nice taste, good high, it's just not super dank shit.

Regs are a nice option to have if you can't afford dank.
money mike: no mids around, i could only get a dime of regs. wish i could afford some chronic.
nicklebag nihil: at least it ain't schwag, roll that shit up!
by money mike 305 November 06, 2009
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A really really really really, and i mean really thick twat. Who has little or no volcabulary skills,people skills and is generally a childish, pathetic little cunt.

Also known as a jeff
Oi mate, you are a right thick cunt....... whats your name?? REG
by the real sweet-a-bix October 28, 2010
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A short term meaning 'regular' or 'normal'
'Why do you always play chess?'
'Well, when i was younger it was a reg thing in my house.'
by Kre'arr_owns June 22, 2009
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Normal weed. In between headies and mids... just good quality weed. Nothing really special about regs like headies where often time you know the strain etc.
I just picked up some nice sativa regs for $40 an eigth.
by OzzBozz October 26, 2006
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slang for indian or pakistani people. reg rarney the pakistani
by regrarney October 09, 2007
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one who stays sober at a party. The art of going to a party, specifically intended for drinking, and drinking nothing. Short for regular.
"I'm regging it up tonight, and in that being a reg, and staying sober, like a reg."
by Gandrew Arrett March 06, 2004
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