An actual cunt. Anyone with the name or nickname Reg has the smallest dick in the world. Anyone named Reg probably likes dick in his ass and adds ston to the end of every fucking world.
Oh, that guys name is Reg. Probably gay as fuck.
by Big ol meech March 16, 2019
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A word to describe any emotion in existence, or when there is nothing else to say.
1. Shut up faggot stop being such a reg

2. Aye bruh u is be my reg
by Destroy ev February 09, 2019
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A gaming clan that is made up of the most toxic and racist group of young mainly Australian bogans. Seen most recently destroying SCUM servers with their toxicity and racial abuse against others. Funnily enough some of them have actual jobs where they interact with real people.
Me - man, i really don't understand those guys and their game play style, gives the regular aussie gamers a horrible name.

The other guy - It's cause the are REG's, something to do with the little pee pee energy.. No one likes them anyway man..
by Simon_the_gamer March 24, 2021
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Friend: I had wax with 9 different girls this week
Me: that’s REGS
by REGS MAN December 12, 2019
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An adjective used to describe a person who is acting like or constantly acts like a spanner.
Other forms may include Reggie/Reginald/Regina.
you're such a reg!
by Matinmaniscus January 12, 2014
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A person who is in a server and was there for at least 29 consecutive days
Hey where are the 101 regs?
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