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Music that began the original rock music that we now love and cherishfinally. Spastic guitars that blend to make one melodic sound, steady and fact drum beats that create the backbone of the music, smooth basslines that keep you awake while wondering what the hell the bassist is thinking about, and a voice that makes you want to fuck. and then fuck some more.
I am listening to the strokes, ie sex.
by Cin September 25, 2003
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Someone who doesn't know how to drive on the road or freeway.
Get the fuck outta the way you fuckin fuck!
by Cin January 07, 2004
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And who are those girls all over my man. Fucking chubies!
by cin January 30, 2005
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The most talented female to ever grace this shitty rock. All the males worship her and her sex appeal. Her ability to seduce any man at will is her best asset.
Cinny walked by with her confident and sexy stride, winking at the boys admiring her, then, sucessfully, picking out the cutest one to use as her personal tool for the evening.
by Cin December 03, 2003
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sad little emo chick
Corinne bends down her head and cries.
by Cin October 31, 2003
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Any female playing an mmorpg or mmo who is willing to trade teh cyborz for in game gold, items or anything else that would get her ahead with the least amount of effort possible, thus giving legitimate gamer girls a bad name.
"Michelle never farms but she always has gold."

"Because she throws her e-pussy out and gets gold in return."

"What a useless mmho."
by Cin May 05, 2009
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The new wave of comebacks, it is the exclamation at the end of any point, statement, or just plain old outburst. Most effective when accompanied by a hand movement beside the ear similar to that of pulling a slot maching handle, sound effect of cha-chink, and then finally your "register that"!
What you lookin at bitch! I'll slap you for it. (hand movement) (cha-chink) REGISTER THAT!
by cin January 28, 2005
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