In the NFL, a blind person who stands on the field and makes decisions about the game.
"Did you see the call that referee just made?"
"Yeah, but I don't think HE did."
by tangenthoughts December 23, 2009
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A referee, or "ref" for short, is a person whose job is to ensure that the rules of a competitive event are observed and obeyed, or at least in theory. In reality, they are the scapegoats for any shortcomings that the players have and are generally treated like utter shit by both players and spectators alike.
Soccer Player: Dude, that referee was such a fucking piece of shit. Hey, nice call, fucker!

Person: Shut up. How would you like to try to manage a fair game, only to have half of the field scream vulgarities and death threats at you, then vandalize your car?

Soccer Player: was a bad call.

Person: Damn, you're a fucking dolt.
by DLoc1337 July 30, 2008
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a group of people, sometimes known as an officiating crew, that cover sports games (such as football, basketball, hockey, and so forth baseball's referees are known as umpires). also known as people who should be replaced by robots on the field because of their unmistakably horrible calls on key plays and big games (see: referees overturning an interception in Colts V Steelers, 1/15/06)
The referees for the game made such a bad call that the players spoke out about them afterwards.
by SnoJoe January 16, 2006
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In a threesome involving 2 guys and one girl where the girl is penetrated both anally and vaginally the person who places his or her hands on the woman's taint to keep the gentlemen's balls from touching.
Yeah, I had a threesome last the good kind...and we didn't even have a referee.
by Beef Swellington January 30, 2009
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A blind crazy idiot at a basketball game
Who needs to be stripped of theee clothes and glued to the floor
by Loveyahey December 12, 2020
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When the referee made several dozen bad calls resulting in our team losing the game, we were angry.
by Ivan Ivan'ch October 19, 2005
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1. Someone who screws you over when all is on the line. These are the people not good enough to be atheletes themselves, so instead they must take up the pin-stripes and make bad calls upsetting everyone in a vengeful way. Disregard any "official" title around their name, because the only thing official about them is their rug-munching nature and horrid calls.

see blind homosexual backstabber
Dude, that referee over there didn't even call a penalty when I got a stick broke in my ass!
by Joefus March 6, 2005
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