The condition of a southern farmers neck fron farming vegitables all day in the blistering heat, so northeners can eat something besides corn.
Farmer=Honey, do you have any skin lotion?

farmers wife=You've been out in the fields all day again haven't you dear, i told you your neck will get red?

Farmer=Yes, and my redneck burns terribly but if I don't get this crop up north them yankees will die from corn overdose.
by holyman612 February 16, 2010
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1) Is a group of people typically that live in the south. They are typically pictured as white people that have dirty clothes on and are living in a trailer. Rednecks are actually nice people who once you interact with them you would understand that they aint idiots but nice hard working people. Sure they may appear to be bad people but as the saying goes " Dont judge a book by its cover".
by The1Great1One April 26, 2011
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only a redneck can call his or herself or others a redneck. someone who loves country music. must be from the south, and east of texas. not a prep!
lots are from middle georgia.
by catherine jackson August 15, 2005
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redneck:someone who lives in the southern states and who happens to drink alot,therefore increasing there temperture making there skin red.also noted that rednecks are RACIST basturds and should be killed. (asian,black,hasspanicks,ect.)
redneck:ouse it goin lil chink
asian:fuck you redneck,eat shit.
redneck:how do you fuck with that lil thing
asian:apparently my peinis is bigger than yours,seeing how i fucked martha (your wife) in the ass.making her scream for joy,and ripping her asshole,in a way you could never acheive

jahmal:ha ya like that Punk bitch!!!
by asiawithlove April 07, 2006
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Most of the definitions for "redneck" are written by culturally illiterate morons so I will clarify.

A redneck is a hardworking country person from the south. We are known for our hospitality. We like guns, hunting, fishing, and we are most often Christians. We are proud of both our American and Southern heritage. We are only as racist and prejudice as everyone else is to us. We are generally more accepting of outsiders than the outsiders are of us. We settle our fights like men and raise our kids not to be sensitive little wussies. We have the characteristic Good Ol Boys attitude, and despite the lies of heathen Yankees, we have deep respect for the law and our elders. Rednecks say "yes sir" and "no ma'am" an have better manners than rich city folks.
I heard them Arkansas rednecks are some of the nicest people you ever met. My car broke down and they fixed it for me for free.
by Enstagriffin March 04, 2015
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white guy named james that likes country music and rubbing one out likes cutoff sleve shirts works at sears as a "tech"
hey yawl my name is james and i am a redneck.
by tech 3 March 17, 2012
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