3 definitions by Redneckmetalhead66

A plague given to the world by a few British emo kids that wanted to be br00tal. Six years later, their music could be used at Guantanamo bay, on death row to execute prisoners or just make REAL metal bands angry.
by Redneckmetalhead66 September 5, 2014
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A real redneck loves the outdoors, has a close bond with his or her family, is all about DIY and takes pride in their work. Most likely a gun owner, drives a truck and lives in the country or a small town, probably has a dog, generally loves life, and is damn proud to be a redneck
A real redneck wouldn't ever give up their lifestyle, even for money and fame
by Redneckmetalhead66 June 20, 2015
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A badass guitarist that is currently a member of King Diamond. Also played on Death's 1993 masterpiece Individual Thought Patterns
by Redneckmetalhead66 August 8, 2014
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