Term for people who are not gypsies/travellers.

Used by the Irish traveller community.

Derivatives include: country-girl, country-boy
mixing with non-travellers, or country people, is discouraged
by lorryslorrys January 23, 2011
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A person who enjoys the following:
- country music
- trailer homes
- hunting
- beer and cheap food
- trucks
- guns
- obese, redneck women
The country people didn't earn more than five dollars that day.
by cadillac95 December 30, 2011
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Bunch of fags who think there "the best" while having a deep desire for tractors , boots, trucks and those mullets like bro tf going on looking like a walking beaver nowadays
Jakqua: wanna go outside bro

Berry: it's full of those country people today playing there gay songs
by Iime January 25, 2022
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