When someone, usually a dumb ass cowboy wannabe, sings about owning a horse in a horse carriage. The song is very annoying and fucking shit yet millennials think it's comparable to TOTO's Africa, Disgusting.
Do you have the horses in the back?
by Pussy-Groomer July 29, 2019
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A phrase used by dumasses who think they're actually cool but really they just need to take that stupid fucking stick out of their ass that makes them think they're so fucking cool. People who say this phrase are really just hoes and need to go jump on a log or off a building or maybe even fuck their horse. Horses in the back is in Old Town Road and can be considered gay as hell. Lil Nas X is also gay and a fucking perverted little shit who also needs to jump off a building, but on the same note his mom already dropped him off of Burj Khalifa when he was a baby.
Have you heard those guys in the hallway saying horses in the back. They're such assholes and perverted little shits!
by A white cracker November 12, 2019
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Some lame-ass stupid-ass bullshit meaningless song lyric written by some stupid-ass wannabe cowboy dipshit.
Charlie: I got them horses in the back
Me: Tf does that even mean?
Charlie: I don't even know, biotch

Me again: It doesn't fucking mean anything. It's fucking stupid and y'all need to go listen to some REAL MUSIC
by Phil Swift Is Actually God October 5, 2019
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The song 'Old Town Road' has a line 'I Got Horses In The Back', normally used as a meme.
Dunkan: Hey Frank, where are the horses?
Frank: I Got The Horses In The Back
Billy Ray Cyrus: Horse tack is attached
Lil Nas X: Hat is matte black.
Dunkan/Frank: The hell?
by CrystleJex April 10, 2019
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When you pull down a girls pants and she has fat pussy lips.
I saw that girls nasty vagina last night and the when the horse winks back
by SAH Alien February 26, 2019
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When you getting fucking in the booty hole because horses don't have pussys and you get in the position of a horse and you start fucking till your booty hole as big as the horse then you do to the mouth and you make the mouth hole so big that you can fit the horse from your butthole through your mouth
"Bro she's drunk imma try horse back sex with her"
by Como estas May 30, 2017
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