A redneck is a country bumpkin who lives in flatter areas of the US like the Great Plains and coastal plains while hillbillies are people living in more hilly and/or mountainous areas. Rednecks and hillbillies aren't only found in the South, they are also found in the Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast too. In fact, Vermont which is a Northeastern state is made entirely of rednecks and hillbillies.
Rednecks are hard working people that are only made fun of by stupid nerds that sit on their computers and jack off to anime porn.
by supertexman February 1, 2008
normally someone who lives in rural parts of the south, drives a jacked up 4x4 pick-up, spends the weekend hunting and/or fishin',wears boots and a fish hook on their camo hats. if anybody is racist it's white yankees. Us good rednecks despise the KKK. color of skin doesn't matter to us.
Gretchin Wilson ain't no redneck, she grew up in illinois.
by john wayne December 2, 2004
Someone who is proud of the south.

Who doesnt think you have to get dresses up everytime you go somewhere.

People of simple thoughts.

Their truck is their baby.

The dog they hunt with is family.

NASCAR is the number one sport in their world.

They know the meaning and have tasted good down home southern cooking.

Shoot anything that moves off the backporch.

Most of clothes in their closet is camo.

has atleast one black animal named nigger

Know what It means to get a truck STUCKKKK.

Talk about huntin year around.

belive that the south is like a whole different world.

Know what a country boy need to survive.

Live in a small town.

a tractor is a way to get around town.

atleast one or two walls in your house has something you killed haning on it for everyone to see.

FFA is a family event.

Fishing is a christmas tradition.

fitting all the trucks in your yard is a game.

your neighbors know not to call the police when they hear a gun shot coming from your direction.

You know what jeff foxworthy is talking about.

Their girl friend comes after the truck.

skoal rings make the jeans.

The only thing on there radio is country music.

People with many stories.....
"heyyy babbby....looky what I killed for ya"

Damn hunting dog aint good for nothing anymore...ohh well he can live on the front porch"

"Hey mama do you think that she'll like going fishing for the first date....wellll duhh of course she will...who doesnt"

"anybody seen my can of skoal"

"baby you sure do look good in camo"

"who says fishin shouldnt be a olympic sport"

"who dont like them one of them good ole redneck girls"
by morgiy August 5, 2008
You don't have to live in the South of the US to be one, you don't even have to live in the US at all for that matter, you can be a redneck anywhere on this world, f.i. in Holland, as long as you live in a rather rural area, collect licence-plates, like cheap beer and want a Chevy Blazer, if you like at least some country-music and if you aren't too rich, you have all right to call yourself a dutch redneck, which we do...;-) An US-redneck-friend of mine will even send me a confederative flag, LOL.

Being a redneck is not necessary a bad thing, though it's used as an offensive word.
My dad calls us "island-rednecks", as we live on a remote island, but I never found out, if this is a compliment or an assault.
Proud to be a dutch redneck!
by sunny1 February 14, 2007
an offensive term usually related to farmers busting their asses to give the other americans food, and have a redneck from working in the sun.
also usually incorporated with a fat guy holding a beer, missing several teeth, having a broken down home, and holding a beer(i.e. Larry the cable guy)
and contrasting to popular beliefs, most of the people in Texas DON'T look like that
those Texans are all rednecks
by asfasd December 4, 2005
Probably about 80% of the people in my town. Almost everyone is involved in sport hunting, rodeo, swearing, and smoking or chewing tobacco. Oh, and everyone one is related to each other in some way.
If you love hunting out of season and you accidentally date your cousin, you might be a redneck.
by Jada Skye October 30, 2006