Earl: I'm frum alabamuh!
Hippie: dude totaly frozen cat fetus!
by K1llu2 May 9, 2004
A person or group of people that are proud of their country and where they came from. They don't care what other people say about them, many are from the south but not all. They respect their elders and they support the military. They are honest and hardworking people but are not scared to have fun. Trucks are very popular with this group of people, they use them for transportation and fun many rednecks know how to drive sticks (Which too many city folks don't even know about). Redneck entertainment comes in many forms such as nascar, rodeos, parties, Belly Droppin and fireworks. One popular form of entertainment is "critter cruisin" which is where a large group rides around in a large truck and drives around till they find an animal to shoot or hit with the truck. Another is Bottle rocket wars, they divide in two teams and try to shoot each other with bottle rockets. A redneck will be comfortable in any situation that he or she is in. Rednecks usually grew up in the country or small towns. Hunting is another big part of a rednecks life, many hunt deer and small game so that is the reasoning behind the camo. Many listen to country music or rock. Many view duct tape as a gift from God because of its many uses. Family is very improtant to rednecks ususally they are very close to their Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. Many rednecks like to drink and chew tobacco, but there is nothing wrong with that. They don't care about political correctness, instead try to do whats right. All rednecks that I know do shower and don't stink (including myself). True rednecks aren't stupid and are not incest, or even child molesters, those are things true rednecks are against. Rednecks are not all racists, but some are. But most of all rednecks are proud to be who they are and who they were raised to be
Todd and the Bitely Krew are a bunch of rednecks and was driving around in his Ford F- 150 critter cruisin last night singing Jake Owens new song 8 second ride, R.J. shot Big Chad with a bottle rocket and burned a hole in his coat. It was a good weekend for us teens in the Bitely Krew.
by Nicole H January 28, 2007
One who believies in living the "simple life". Often confused with hick or white trash, rednecks tend to stay towards the civilized part of life. I know this this because I have been born and raised as such.
I'm a redneck, and I like it simple.
by Redneck English Teacher November 3, 2005
redneck is a word That can be either used as a racial slur or a attack on someones Social ecconomic status.The Turm Originated In the 1500's In Yorkshire Engalnd It was a Class turm that was applied To the surf class.It was brought to the Americas and was used as the same kind of insult Because many Early Americans where from the Surf classes of England Such as Farmers/Laborers and Indentured servents
Back in the days a so called Gentelmen would be riding along in his horse cart with his collar shirt and see some poor slob slaving away on someone else farm a redneck for wearing no collar and call him a redneck
by Nlr718 February 6, 2008
1. People who get a sunburn on there neck from working outside.

2. Southerners or Midwesterners, in the United States, who work hard.

3. Member of the rural, laboring class.

4. A complement
The redneck got up with the sun to start the day.
by Swarsfanatic May 10, 2005
It isnt clear where the term comes from, most now consider it to be workers from the south. It has become a very negative term, at least in many eyes. I mean I hate nascar, havent hunted in 30 years, have a degree, and I consider myself a redneck.
Redneck- person (mostly) from the south who doesnt care what you think of them. Tend to be loyal as dogs and likely has one.
by goodoleredneck June 29, 2009
redneck was actually derived from red bandanas that some cole miners from southern West Virginia word around their necks. Big businesses we not giving fair pay, hours, or labor conditions, so they started their own union. The red bandana distinguished who was for their efforts and who was against them.
"he's a redneck"
by Amanda Dillon September 6, 2008