Stereotype definition: A white person living in the south or midwest that dislikes minorities, enjoys nascar, hunting and sleeps with family members.

True Definition: A simple person living in a rural area, usually in the south or midwest who is hard working, hence the name redneck from being out in the fields working
I am from the North, New Jersey but I still know that most of the people in the south aren't like the stereotpe definition. A redneck is just a simple hardworking person, the other stuff is just stereotyping.
by Jersey Kid February 21, 2008
A term derived from a hard-working southern farmers who have sun-burns on their necks from working all day long in the sun. Some people from the northern states in the USA use "Redneck" as an insult, but is really a compliment from one farmer and/or southerner to another.
Most southerners are proud to be called a redneck, because anyone who calls them that has no idea it is a compliment.
by Kikk0man June 26, 2004
1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
2. A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.

synonym: cracker
Look at that redneck driving his rust-covered truck.
by illEATurHARTout March 11, 2004
Comes from coal miners from West Virginia and Kentucky towns that were sick of the way they were being treated and converged on one town that required unions. They were called "rednecks" because most people participating in the march tied a red bandanna around their neck to signify their cause, much like wearing the pink ribbon and yellow bracelet for cancer.
I'm gonna walk with that redneck over there, he has the right idea. Down with the coal barons!!!
by ZZZaK July 22, 2008
Usually from Southern States. Mostly joked about. True meaning would probably be like the earlier days before everything became so revolutionized. I probably have the most redneckess family of you all. But I try to hide it in public. Ahh, it just hit me... A buncha coonasses
dem dere rednecks done took over south louweeseana. Now dem dere rich folks cain't live in peace. Dem dang good for nuttin rednecks!
by Insane February 2, 2004
What most people call a Redneck , he aint nothin but a workin man , he makes his livin by the sweat of his brow and the calluses on his hands , you intellectuals may not like it , but there aint nothin you can do , cause theres a whole lot more of us common folks than there ever will be of you
"What this world needs is a few more rednecks" by Charlie Daniels
by Texas Boy July 18, 2006
Anybody who likes Bush, drinks beer(a lot)and walks around in town with a 12gauge,shootin' everything that moves.Oh and ,has a red neck
Hey!! Everybody...look at that fuckin' redneck.

BAM!BAM! Die mofo!
by Lucas December 19, 2004