12 definitions by john wayne

Juice that has freshly poured from the A-hole of Tony's mother, drunken, by only those crazy enough to have rode her.
I totally F'd Tony's mother in the A last night, i was baw deep in her ass. Then she let me sip on her rim juice
by john wayne June 07, 2004
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When there is a chemical reaction in the body that sets off electrons to the sack letting you know there is pussy within a 4 mile radius
Oh God my poon meter is going g off there is ponn out there . i.m on the hunt bitches
by john wayne December 02, 2015
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normally someone who lives in rural parts of the south, drives a jacked up 4x4 pick-up, spends the weekend hunting and/or fishin',wears boots and a fish hook on their camo hats. if anybody is racist it's white yankees. Us good rednecks despise the KKK. color of skin doesn't matter to us.
Gretchin Wilson ain't no redneck, she grew up in illinois.
by john wayne December 02, 2004
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when you participate in the act of shitting in someone's mouth and they proceed to gargle the feces in their mouth
i cant wait to have joseph anal mouthwash me
by john wayne May 27, 2016
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An incredibly lame euphemism for "Doing it". The act of having sex.
I heard the date went well last night. Did you guys do the bone dance?
by john wayne January 12, 2005
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This is when you put your right foot in someones ass
you put your right foot in you take your right foot out do the hokie pokie and shake it all about!!
by john wayne September 15, 2004
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