(n) Game played by elementary school children. A tennis ball is thrown against a brick wall.
Anyone is free to catch it. If the person attempting to catch the ball bobbles it, they must run to touch
the wall before being pelted with the ball by another player.
If they are unsuccessful in reaching the wall, the player must stand, facing the wall, whilst each of the other
contestants throws the ball at his rear end.
The game of Red ass was banned from our elementary school.
by keyshaw May 18, 2004
In sports usage: A player that is always pissed off. Usually said off an outstanding player when anything short of perfection isn't good enough. If Randy Johnson gets a win, he should have struck out 15, or have thrown a shut-out, or a no hitter. Basically a red ass is never pleased with his or his teammates performance on most occasions.
Player A: What's eating him, he just went 3 for 4 and we're only a game out of first?

Player B: He's such a red ass that even if he went 5 for 5 and we were 10 games in first he still wouldn't crack a smile.
by speedork August 18, 2006
as a noun, red ass refers to a person that has a bad temper, as an adjective, red ass describes an angry person (man, that guy has the red ass) and has levels depending on how angry the person is (red ass, red hot ass, red hot chili pepper ass).
Noun: Mike Tyson is a red ass.
Adj: That guy has the red ass.
by Q March 14, 2005
Damn dude, your breath gives me the red ass.

Your Mom's fat ass give me the red ass.
by Irish Cajun March 1, 2004
A highly agitated state as a result of being irritated and frustrated by somebody else's unreasonable actions.
Dude1: "I got some serious fucking red ass!"
Dude2: "What's up?"
Dude1: "My boss just told me I have to work the next ten days straight, or I'm fired."

by fiberBundle December 31, 2008
when your ass turn red from chafing and you start walking funny. (not fun)
damn i got the redass from walking so much!
by alex January 18, 2005
Someone who attends Texas A&M and is very involved and follows all traditions.
Man that lower class man isn't whooping and is standing at the game... what a red ass.
by Kolten August 20, 2007