Serious fucking is a another way of saying long hardcore intercourse and can be used in sentences like this 'damn that was some serious fucking' or alternatively it can be when someone's being serious about something 'I'm being serious fucking serious' either is fine
serious fucking
by Gillis man November 11, 2013
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To question one who has just dropped a bomb of information on you.
Person #1: Hey Jim, did you hear Mark is gay?

Jim: Serious-fucking-ly?
by Jason36 May 15, 2008
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when someone does or says something so stupid and unbelievable that you just can't think of a better answer
Man: *buys 3 toilet paper*
Cashier: "Alright, that will be 45$"
Man: "Are you fucking serious?"
by ThunderTheFurry October 26, 2020
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When the editors of urban dictionary accept definitions for words like: fucktard, trash jenga, chiweiner....etc. but won't accept blue weiler.
"Thanks for your definition of Blue Weiler!
Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it."

"Are You Fucking Serious?"
by Lumina March 11, 2013
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Someone who is only looking for a piece of ass to use and emotional support from the person without defining the relationship
friend #1: I've been dating a guy and we've become super close these days. But he doesn't want a relationship.
friend #2: Oh, so he's a serious fuck boy.
by sunnio October 9, 2020
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noun. A covert operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6, and/or Mossad.

Or other unknown state and/or non-state operatives, seeking to maintain the status quo of the military industrial complex.
Mick: Hey man, who do you really think killed JFK?
Jack: Serious Fucking Guys man.
Mick: ye.
by BonerMasterMick2 May 7, 2021
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