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unprotected sex with a pregnant slut, who's carrying another man's baby, and cumming inside her.
Todd: how'd it go last night?
Steve: stopped by this girl's house, pitched a no hitter.
Todd: a "no hitter?"
Steve: yeah, i slung a pint of my pearl jam into a stupid pregnant bitch.
by Schuyler The Liar October 04, 2010
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A girl or male whom does not wish to have sex, nor wishes to have any other for of sexual relations.
"Man, you know that girl Christine?"
"Yeah bro?"
"She No Hitter."

by Bro-Dude Caarl January 21, 2016
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Noun; A jackoff who tries to play blackjack, but refuses to hit any hand that he may bust with.
The dealer was showing a 10 and he had a hard 12, but he still wouldn't hit the hand. What a fucking no-hitter.
by Your mom February 19, 2004
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