dank that is the actually greenish/red in color, extremely potent, one hitter quitter, one of the highest quality strains of weed known
them clowns came here to kick it ..and was gone on that red hair ..had them fools lifted!
by dboskit May 16, 2006
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Irish stereotype. Something that people would say for those who's hair is red.
boyfriend: ok, by looking at your hot red hair, I'm guessing that you're Irish.

girldriend: (gives him the evil look)
by TravisRex October 25, 2008
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Any person with red hair has a fiery demon in their soul, this is what gives their hair a red appearance. This is also the reason why most redheads have anger issues.

CAUTION-do not mess with redheads they are powerful and bloodthirsty!!!
Person 1: "Damn, that red hair tho."
Person 2: "Careful don't mess with that person, or they'll mess you up.
ranga: "fuck you"
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by RangaDemonGurrrl October 19, 2019
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