The art of urinating directly into ones mouth.

Often whilst standing, can be done in hotel rest rooms and mosh pits.
Is that guy pissing directly into his own face? Yeah man, he is bubbling!! What a legend.
by Captain hard June 30, 2014
A photo editing technique which uses clever positioning of transparent circles in an opaque color layer to trick the mind into thinking a person in a photo is naked when they really aren't.
Dude, did you see that new photo of Emma Watson? The guy that did that is amazing at bubbling. She looks completely naked!
by 4Red September 2, 2010
A self sex act when man masturbates until he is on the edge of completion, but lodges an object of varying length and width into his urethra. From this point, he determines how long he wants his Bubble Session to be, and if he wants to do any Recharges during the Bubble Session. When he is done with his Bubble Session, he will remove the object from his urethra, creating the intended Bubbling effect.
"Hey, I think I'm going to try Bubbling, I'll be back in a couple hours!"
by SkippyJohnJones June 27, 2019
The act of manipulating images of scantily clad women, such that all of the image, except transparent 'bubbles', is obscured. This gives the illusion that the women are naked.
I also love "bubbling" pictures. It's so hot.
by Redditor890 September 1, 2010
When a woman wears a bra too small for her breasts, she gets a slight overhang on the top of her boobs.
Dude! That girl was totally bubbling!

Does this shirt make me bubble?
by N_DAWG July 2, 2009
The act of boiling shampoo over a stove at high temperatures and inhaling the fumes.

Very new drug craze mostly contained to the east coast of the united states.
Sean: Yo G i got some head and shoulders how 'bout we boiling that sh*t up
Brian: Uhh... Bubbling?
Sean: Holy sh*t man you've never heard of bubbling?!? Come on, lemme show you

*10 minutes later*
Brian: That was great...
Sean: I...I Kn...That was great
by Jimmy Holmes September 17, 2012
The process of boiling up shampoo to get high. The fumes of the boiling product are then inhaled. Also known at shamboiling
Dude we bubbling tonight?

Of course bro, its a day with a 'y' in it!
by Shamboiler3 September 17, 2012