a receeding hairline that affects the persons day to day life including their intelligence and their way of thinking. also it is very ugly and it attracts poonuggs to cling to it
holy crap mickles's receed is sworming with a clan of poonuggs
by craig October 27, 2004
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God amongst men, deserves what they want, elephant penis, is a caring lovable human, great in bed, and sometimes a dick to society, most of the time they have ADHD
"My name is Rece and im here to fuck yer wife."
by FUCK TITTIES October 1, 2016
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'Rece' a male name that means "be that of fear and that of courage".
Rece, the feared and as well a courageous man....
by TherealRK December 25, 2018
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Sweet, smart, lovable, loves to hug, dry sense of humor. Usually has brown hair and blue eyes, a great combination. Is generally musical and has a lovely voice. Excels at difficult problems. Long runs help clear her mind.
Rece was the smart, quiet one in the room who made everyone laugh at her quick wit.
by Clever genius 411 December 12, 2017
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Someone who has a receding hairline. A Rece is usually on the doll with about 4-5 children living off child support buying milk and chewing gum. They usually are ugly as well.
Wow that Rece over there is looking like a skunk!
by FuckedUpRat September 18, 2019
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An Anti Semantic word for "race"
Anyone Anti Semantic wouldn't be a receist.
by Falerin November 2, 2007
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big boobs that little kids like to hit
when a little boy comes up to you and punches you in the boobs
by frankie hanky April 24, 2004
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