A TV show on VH1 in which a bunch of girls compete to be Bret Michael's girlfriend. They all claim to be in love with him, but they're all idiots.
I was watching Rock of Love the other day and some dumb bitch got "Bret" tattooed on the back of her neck.
by SystemF October 7, 2007
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"I have to go visit the hospital, my mom has cancer"
"Dude, get real, Rock of Love's about to come on"
by Brett Michaels March 24, 2008
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a mild to severe form of wenchaphobia which is characterized by night terrors after watching "The Rock of Love" before bed.
Gabby is afflicted with a severe form of rock-of-love disorder because she is repulsed by watching fake blondes hook up with an old guy.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 31, 2008
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no such thing but tha's my excuse when my cell phone falls off of my belt.
Damn, my rock hard love handles knocked my phone off my belt.
by DutchSchultz February 22, 2010
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The girlfriends/wannabe girlfriends of punk rockers; Underage girls who wear too much makeup, have Cruella Deville hair, dress like streetwalkers, and have a brain the size of a pistachio. Enjoy talking shit, but when faced with a ho of superior status become willing to commit to indentured servitude.
The rock of love bus girls are coming, hide your drugs!

That rock of love bus girl needs to lay off the eyeliner more than she needs another STD check-up.

I porked that rock of love bus girl last night, and now I have Herpes simplex II.
by RoLB girl Connoisseur September 20, 2009
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1. To feel a deep positive emotion of affection, pleasure or liking for someone or something based on the music they create

2. To fall in rock love is to fall in love musically.
1. Fiona Apple just gave me a musical orgasm and i think i'm falling in rock love.

2. They fell in rock love and have been making music together ever since
by u_l August 19, 2009
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