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A term used for talking about things that are profound or meaningful. The opposite of facebook.
Did you see the earthquake in Japan?
Yeah, I hope there were minimal casualties in that earthquake.

Bob, that is real talk!
by david faustino April 24, 2012
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1. The philosophy of talking candidly and openly and honestly without fear of what others might think

a. usually for another's benefit to let them know of something that is usually hard to discuss

b. to let others know that you are talking honestly and sincerely and that what you are expressing is not a joke and that you are unabashedly being true to your own thoughts and feelings

c. Real Talk can be used in the sense to affirm what someone is saying as a true, or valid statement and that they are expressing sincere thoughts and opinions. the two are not necessarily always inclusive though
Person A: DUDE I'M GOING TO SEND HER A CARNATION WITH A POEM. It'll make her love me.

Person B: REAL TALK BRAH that will back fire, you are an idiot.
by demosthenesm March 05, 2010
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true; truth; started in frisco now in sac
kid1: damn man jlo's booty is Huge!
kid2: real talk man!!
by john h January 21, 2004
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To be serious about something, Being serious about a conversation and/or topic.
Realtalk, like i hella like danny...

I dont like victoria cuz shes all over my man like realtalk.
by Paizly March 23, 2006
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when someone says real talk it's when someone talks openly with the truth, sometimes used in a funny way when talking about something silly
Arin: Hey Jon, look at that goomba!
Jon: Real talk; that fuckin' mountain's staring at us!
Arin: Holy SHIT AHHHH!
by Ambidextroid December 21, 2012
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Used as a sentence enhancer to let people know your a real nigga. Commonly used by hardasses.
Jacob Hafford: " Ill beat all yalls asses! Real Talk!"
Others: " Shit he must be foreal!"
by Touchmyself October 28, 2010
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