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Said sarcastically after a situation you don't like but feel the need to say something to alleviate frustration.
Without the sarcasm it can also be used to show approval or as a compliment.
Mike: Dude, your girlfriend totally ditched us at the bar.
Me: Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.
Stripper: hey cutie, I want to give you a lap dance and rock your world!
Me: Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.

Jealous Mike: What? Where's my lap dance?? Nice. Real Fuckin Nice.
by drdouglasp July 06, 2005

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An appropriate response anytime someone (or a group of someones) intentionally leaves you out of a situation or goes out of their way to diss you.
Friends: We all took a shot while you were in the bathroom
Me: Fuckin Cheaters!
Friend: I stole your game of pool when you weren't looking.
Me: Fuckin Cheater!
by drdouglasp March 31, 2005

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but in a sarastic manor.
that's toadly awesome.
toadly, man, toadly.
by drdouglasp July 09, 2005

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Yelled at TV's in Sports Bars whenever a play or bullshit call goes against your team.

The more drunk and loud the person(s) is/are the better.

Originated at Howies Sports Page in Albuquerque, NM
Ref: Holding Offense.

Bar: CHEATERS!!!!!!
by drdouglasp March 31, 2005

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