Hyunjin has made me believe in god. He is god himself. He is such a beautiful, pretty, cute, hot, sexy and dramatic af person. Hyunjin can brighten everyone's day by just smiling. So if you see a pretty person or thing and don't have the words to describe how pretty they are, then just call them a Hyunjin :')
Just stan look up some pictures of hyunjin and you'll know what I mean
by Alex kkta January 2, 2020
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A is the most kindest and loyal soul you'd meet who will do anything for the people most dear to him. He can be very emotional at times, but he always pulls through in the end. He tries his best to improve and learn new things, all to put a smile on your face. Always laughing at the most randomest shit but that's what makes Hyunjin the Hyunjin we know and love. He is a big fat mood. Hyunjin loves dancing and listening to music. We appreciate his charisma and handsome face. Right now he is going through a lot. 🥺😭Love and support from all of stay. 💗💜❤️
som hyunjin famous quotes :)
"tch, hairband"
"yoo awesome"
"americanooo 쭈아 쭈아"
"두개!!! / GIVE ME 2"
"타노스잖아 / THIS IS THANOS!!"
"oh i uh dis is sooo not yummy"

by you make stray kids stay :) February 27, 2021
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Hyunjin is an attractive human being. Nobody can ever be as attractive as a Hyunjin. A Hyunjin will never fail to amaze you with his dance moves.
Hyunjin is hotter than you
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
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A very talented man who should not only be known for his “looks” and is certainly not your “sex fantasydoll.
That man is Hyunjin
by stayforeverwithskz October 7, 2020
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A member of the kpop boy band Stray Kids. An insanely talented group of men that dance and sing. He is one of the visuals and VERY handsome.
Girl 1: “Did you hear about that new Stray Kids song?”
Girl 2: “Yeah, Hyunjin looked amazing in the new MV.”
by February 14, 2021
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People with The name hyunjin is The most amazing person ever... If your name is hwang hyunjin i love you
by Skzlover November 18, 2020
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Hyunjin is another word for duality. it means to be adorable and cute and 0.3 seconds later to be a sexy dominant alpha
Look at that man!! hes such a Hyunjin!!
by Felix freckles UWU June 6, 2020
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