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The Holy Son of God, The creator of the the Universe, and of all life, who was born of the Virgin Mary, lived on earth, was crucified and after his death was resurrected into heaven, and will return one day to judge the living and dead. Those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
I was a addicted to drugs, committed adultery, slept with prostitutes, with another mans wife, and was a thief too. I realized i was wrong, my life was upside down and I was in emotional torment and guilt. I confessed my sins to the Lord Jesus Christ, asked Him to be the Lord of my life, and he forgave my sins and renewed my spirit. I have given up the former ways and no longer desire to do those things which separated me from God (Jesus). He has also promised me Eternal life in Heaven which is his eternal Gift for those that believe in Him.
by tjamnz January 08, 2009

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To do something with excellence. To be one of the best at whatever it is you do
Jon: whats up with joey?

Kate: He's uptown doin' it real big at the jazzhouse.

(example 2)

Tom: Are you going to win the competition Saturday?

Mike: I'm gunna "do it real big" bro.

by tjamnz December 29, 2007

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A printer that a worker secretly installs, on an open network, or local pc port without his supervisor or boss knowing about it.
Dood1: Whats up with that printer hidden under your desk?

Dood2: Its rogue. Its a rogue printer man... That way i can save time and print my own stuff.
by tjamnz January 16, 2010

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To have a news article, tweet, or blog post linked to Drudgereport.com , resulting in hundreds or thousands of page views a minute on a global scale.
Dood: Whats goin on? My email, and phone is going nuts !
Mike: Get ready bro ! You just got Drudged !
by tjamnz June 09, 2015

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A unique kung-fu system blending the best techniques and forms from various Wing-chun, Tai-Chi, and Dragon styles.
Dude1: Those moves are crazy cool, I wonder where he learned that?
Dude2: I know what you mean. I think he's White Willow
by tjamnz February 16, 2015

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Zero Tolerance Killers: A public game server which hosts an elite group of counter strike players, which are some of the best players on the planet (ztkclan.com).
Dood... You see that guy pone those nubs? Wow! He must be ZTK !!!
by tjamnz January 08, 2009

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A paid online actor who dispells false propaganda, ad hominem attacks , or changes the subject as a distraction during online discussion usually in regards to politics or current events
Don: What's going on with my Twitter account - all these crazy posts ! ?

Kelly ann : Wow. Okay... It looks like that troll bot is hard at work today.
by tjamnz March 25, 2019

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