Jim tried to hide his RB by crossing his legs.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
a rogue boner you receive at unexpected times

a surprise in your pants!
Dani: Josh you've got a huge rb!
Josh: Thanks for announcing it to the world! ::winks::
by DaniKidd November 10, 2007
eg. on Snapchat YOLO ‘rb if ya not scared’
by lil TAZZz December 3, 2019
Christina is a major rich bitch and gave Tony a random boner!
by . February 22, 2004
Reason Boner: An erection developed from arousal; the antithesis of NRB (no reason boner).
"Dude, that chick gave me a huge RB!"
by Nicholas Run August 8, 2007
Person 1: Dude ew look at that fat chick...

Person 2: Awww dude I just got an rb
by dfray69 July 23, 2010