raw is not just a word, it's a lifestyle. to be raw is to be with nature, one may presume. it may not be wise to be raw in one night, but one year, that might be automatic. when you see someone catholic, someone bad like bcl-2, you gotta go in raw, no kapp. WARNING: may lead to a huge explosion!
1: yo you seen those korean girls?
2: yeah bro, they're so bad i might need to go in raw
3: i agree bro, i got far right, bout to explode bruh!
by Twelve Express November 19, 2020
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1. Unprotected Sex
2. Something natural or unaltered

3. Real Ass Woman

4. Inexperienced; untrained

5. Uncooked
1. She was so HOT, I fuck her raw!
2. Pure cocaine
3. The excuse we give women when asked what raw means
by o_on_the_go July 21, 2021
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R.A.W or the Rape and wake as it's known is simply the act of waking your partner up by having sex with there sleeping body... Always get concent the night before.
I woke up with a crazy hard on so I flipped onto the wife and went "R.A.W" on her.
by The dude78 February 21, 2020
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The most Jersey shore-ish way of expressing high levels of enthusiasm for something deemed cool.
Bosnian #1: what’d you get from the trip bro?

Bosnian #2: we got some old useless printers man

Bosnian #1: dude, that’s so raw
by Figggypudding April 24, 2018
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where the footage was exposed showing what actually happened.
"Bruh, did you see raw clips of people getting into a fight?"
by kamsvocabshop September 09, 2019
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Rape all women, used when women say KAM (Kill all men) could also be used in protests
via giphy
by Lee Hoon February 09, 2021
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