Dave: Damn, I like Tonya, she's cool as fuck.

Frank: Yeah she's raw as fuck.
by Benny E Boy August 10, 2019
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To do extreme objectives or go to indefinite measures to prove how one can be or how the situation is/was.
"Did you see me jump off that bridge and break both my legs, that was real raw."

"I just played a mean game of Russian Roulette and won because I'm so raw."

"Do you want to get raw and punch each other in the face until someone passes out?"

"That person just drank a handle of vodka in one sitting, how raw is that?"

"I just shit my pants; raw."
by ZMurder April 25, 2010
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Used to define a person or an act performed by a person that is of a quality that would require practice, but is then nothing more than natural ability from the performer. It is the opposite to 'institutionalised' which practicing too much at something (or taking it too seriously). Something can become more 'raw' if other things have been done to make it harder and more against what someone smart would say, like drinking before the big game.
Alex: "Hey I went and got drunk last night then came and won the game today"
Gav: "Man that's raw"

Alex: "Hey I got 95% in that test and I didn't even study for it"
Gav: "Man that's as raw as it gets"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
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1. inexperienced

2. harsh, inhospitable(said of a place or environment)

3. naked

4. vulgar, lewd, harsh

5. sexual intercourse without a condom
That forest was so raw.
by The Return of Light Joker September 26, 2008
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word used to describe something as cool, strait, or phat.
O snap son that shit is raw

damn bro that denali had some raw ass rims
by White Mike September 03, 2003
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