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A small town of 12,000 in North Eastern Ohio; teenagers and children alike resent the fact it is a "black hole" - once you get in, you cannot get out.
- Dude, wanna go walk around town?
- Hell no, there is absofuckinglutely nothing to do in Ravenna!
by Nick Hopewell June 24, 2005
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Ravenna is me frend. She’s cool and kind. She sticks up for people even she’s not even friends with them. She’s a very artistic and creative kind of person. She’s not afraid to speak her opinions. She’s cool✌🏻🤠
Lily:You see that RAVENNA over there?
Sammi: oh ya she’s kool!!
by RAVENNA FANATIC November 27, 2018
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beautiful. perfect and the best at everything she does. everybody loves her, but i hate her and am jealous of the fact that she's better at everything that has meaning to me without even trying.
ravenna that was BRILLIANT.
by chuckly March 18, 2005
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