Ravenna is me frend. She’s cool and kind. She sticks up for people even she’s not even friends with them. She’s a very artistic and creative kind of person. She’s not afraid to speak her opinions. She’s cool✌🏻🤠
Lily:You see that RAVENNA over there?
Sammi: oh ya she’s kool!!
by RAVENNA FANATIC November 27, 2018
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A small town of 12,000 in North Eastern Ohio; teenagers and children alike resent the fact it is a "black hole" - once you get in, you cannot get out.
- Dude, wanna go walk around town?
- Hell no, there is absofuckinglutely nothing to do in Ravenna!
by Nick Hopewell June 24, 2005
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beautiful. perfect and the best at everything she does. everybody loves her, but i hate her and am jealous of the fact that she's better at everything that has meaning to me without even trying.
ravenna that was BRILLIANT.
by chuckly March 18, 2005
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the place where you find everyone is either a farmer or a wife of a farmer.

you never fail to find yourself behind a large farm tractor on the road.

State Route 14 rules this city.
Dude, I don't know the answer to your question, I'm from Ravenna, ohio.
by youcannothasthatnow August 18, 2011
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A Jewish cohousing community in Seattle that features lots of public programming in an environment that is happily disentangled from all religious connotation, despite celebrating all the major (and many minor) Jewish holidays. Annual events include Passover seders, Sukkot hut-building, Big Lebowski showing, and many nights clustered around a Northern Exposure rerun. There are three houses that comprise the main body of the Kibbutz: Aleph, Bet and Gimmel.

The name "Ravenna Kibbutz" is tongue-in-cheek, to a point: no one involved in the Kibbutz fancies themselves a Zionist pioneer. It's merely a cheeky way of identifying ourselves that doesn't sound too fruity. Because "The Jewish Cohousing Development of North Seattle" makes for a crap acronym. The Kibbutz's tagline "Would it kill you to find a nice Jewish commune?" is also tongue-in-cheek, but occasionally offends people.
Are you coming to Shabbes dinner at the Ravenna Kibbutz this week? You'd better be there; it's at house Bet.
by Joel Fleishman May 23, 2010
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