To be completely gone, drunk, twisted, etc.
To Be really Drunk.
Im gonna get raped tonight...

Last night was crazy I got raped...

Im so Done i wanna get raped..

Me and Dan got raped last night
by Deans April 25, 2008
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In order for you to be raped, first you must be put against someone insanely God-like at the game. He will annihilate you in such an unbelieveable fashion you have never seen before and you will beg for mercy as his balls are lowered into your throat and you suck. Such as RENEGADEJESUS3's situation against me, An7i HeRo.
An7i HeRo: Easy. First u shot 3 clips at me. I dodged every single shot, and came behind u and snapped your neck(with my eyes closed of course). Then as you lay there dying, I unzipped my fly, pulled down my trousers and performed what is known as a tea bag. Im sure u know about it.
RENEGADEJESUS3: wow. Im must say i got uber raped. how are u so 1337?
An7i HeRo: well when i practice fucking owning noobs like you, i get better. Now im God-like
RENEGADEJESUS3: wow, nice playin with u man. i sure suck fucking cock at halo 2.
An7i HeRo: yea, ya do. later cumguzzler!NOOB
by An7i HeRo-Dave pwns u April 14, 2005
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To be taken advantage of, other than sex.
I went to the car lot solo and got raped! if i woulda went wit my dad like dey told me i prolly wud have paid way less!
by KOOLVSRAW November 19, 2008
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1)Describes the removal or theft of your property by some muggy rat bastard.
2)Can describe abusive reconfiguring of somebody's Facebook profile without their knowledge.
1) "I'm so hungry; that filthy rat Clive raped my fridge"
2) "Clive raped my Facebook and made me look quite the fool!"
by Mattress February 08, 2007
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when a pack of rizla has had the green card removed from the back of the packet it has been 'raped'.
yo you got any green card in these skins?
nah sorry man that pack was raped a long time ago.
by iammucho March 15, 2008
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1. To lose badly or come off much worse than someone else.
2. To be in a situation where you are severely disadvatanged.
1. The under 16's raped the under 11's in the football.
2. If I don't hand in my homework Ms Sucubus will rape me.
3. I versed Rutherford in Quake 3 and got raped
4. The Wests team are raping the Souths team at the moment
by El Kabong June 13, 2004
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a Calc 1 gateway exam, a Calc 2 exam, a Bio exam, a Discrete Math exam, and a group presentation all done between Wednesday and Friday.
Mike Lowrie can haz raped this week.
by Man Manateer March 17, 2009
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