Pronoun, Transitive Verb, Adjective, or Verb;

The act of dressing up your partner to look like a thirteen year old boy/girl, committing unlawful sexual acts with that partner then fleeing the country in which the act was committed.
Brandon: Holy shit! Did you hear what Tosh did to his girlfriend?

Billy: No.

Brandon: We were all out drinking last Tuesday, and I think he might of pulled a Roman Polanski on her. I haven't seen him at work since...

Billy: My gosh! Well that explains the braggadocios phone calls from France, but not his absence from work.

France director sex molestation pervert pedophile Rosemary's Baby The Pianist The Ghost Writer Charlie Manson Tony Romo
by Malbojia September 21, 2010
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A disgusting bastard who raped a child. He is the reason I don't give a damn about the Oscars anymore.
Oscar voters: Roman is a good director so all is forgiven.
Me: You guys need to go to hell.
by Hell is beside you, Roman September 21, 2003
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1. A person who is accused of a particularly uncouth crime and consequently is admonished despite proper observance to the circumstances of said offense.

2. A person who becomes an example of a tragedy that has previously befallen them.
1. (figuratively speaking) Roman Polanski: "My despair has caused my mind to loosen the strands of what is right and wrong, as a result I pursue things that may seem unreasonable by some societal standards."
Stanley Kubrick: "Shit, son!"

2. RP: "My pregnant wife was murdered and I don't really feel like stopping myself from being sexually attracted to the young ripe peaches of youth anymore. If innocence is destroyed then I shall seek it in the one place it will never fail me."
SK: "Damn, yo."
by breakingwhitebread January 2, 2008
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One of the most imaginative directors of all time who led a life of pain and loss that very few of his absent-minded detractors can't imagine. Often remembered in the United States for: 1. something that happened nearly 30 years ago by a woman who, for being so traumatized by the experience, is anxious to relay the experience so she doesn't become the historical footnote she should have been and 2. For being the husband of a pregnant woman who was viciously slaughtered but who, for some insane reason, is held in lower esteem than the animal who orchestrated her murder
Every director (especially those of the Hollywood persuasion) is perverted in one way or another, not just Roman Polanski.
by Donna D. July 25, 2006
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