the result of being totaly dominated.

(applies to sports, video games, fights, stuff like that)
he beat you 50 to 10, you got raped.
by oba August 09, 2005
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When Your about to die in every direction in a FPS game
Oh Shit They're everywhere i gonna get raped
As the only surviving player of his team , Joevan got raped by the enemy
by YourWelcomeGuys August 29, 2019
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Pretty much the most legit rappers ever. They are Jim and Jeff from the radio/podcast show Jim and Them on Real Kid Radio. They steal the beats from popular songs and add their own lyrics. R.A.P.E.D. stands for Real ass people every day.
Damn, R.A.P.E.D. 's new baby parody is pretty damn awesome.
by Gray. June 30, 2010
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to describe different situations at a casino
friend1: lets go to the casino tonight!

friend2: i done want to be raped.

friend1: come on, it will be fun.

girl1: i got raped last tonight!

girl2: did you lose money again at the casino

girl1: yep

guy1: i raped the casino today

guy2: how much did you win

guy1: 75 bucks

guy2: dont go back, they will rape you
by thor4u August 10, 2012
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Pronounced- wrap-'ead.

Definition- When someone forcefully enters a conversation against the person's wishes; without consent. This is the raping of conversation.
Man 1- And the thing with the theory of evolution is--
Annoying man- Yeah, evolution, huh?! Crazy!
Man 1- Can you just let me finish, we're talking her--
Annoying Man- The thing is that how can we agree with it when it conflicts with the bi--
Man 2- that's not the issue at all!
Man 1- Can you please just go away.
Annoying Man- Oh, fine!
Man 1-... We just got totally Rap-ed.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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In competitive wrestling:

a)Losing horribly to someone obviously better than you.

b)Having some body part of the opponent protrude your anus.
a) Dude, I just got totally raped. He tech pinned me twice in 45 seconds!

b) What the fuck?!?! Your knee just went up my ass!
Ya, well I pretty much just raped you.
by shmcminn November 23, 2007
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