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The principle of retributive justice determining a person's luck or unluck in driving-related matters, as the effect of his past driving-related deeds.
Driver: Man I am not letting that bitch overtake me!
Passenger: Be careful, that's bad carma...

(Later: Driver is pulled over by police)
Passenger: Told you so!
by flrn February 21, 2010
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A beautiful young girl with a nice body. In arabic her name means kindness and giving.
OMG look at carma isn't she great
by gaddamnboyzzzzz February 14, 2018
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works much like karma but for in the car. the idea that being a courteous driver, letting people merge,stopping at stop signs etc...., will bring you good karma and keep you from having an accident or be stuck in traffic
john : why did you let that jerk pass?
chris: because i needed the CARma, i have to drive to seattle tomorrow and i dont want to hit traffic
by salsaboy719 July 11, 2011
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Paying off your car results in inevitable car trouble. See: Karma: bringing upon oneself inevitable results
I've got bad carma. I paid off my car last week and now it wont start!
by mijitmight March 05, 2010
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Carma: Karma with a 'C' pertaining to a person's actions while driving that affect future instances on the road.
The law of cause and effect in driving.
Jay: Don't let this car pass. That's our lane.
Pao: It is okay! Carma will get me if I do. One day, I might be in the same situation while driving and need someone's help.
by Bug Smasher March 29, 2018
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