Look up eleventh floor instead of 11th. 11th floor is close to the Penthouse keep leveling up!
11th by Nina Macc, Some can't make it to the front door. 11th floor is a Sexy odd number just like 69.
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The 11th Floor is nothing but a sham run by trick ruses, ( ruses ),
Nothing but plagiarism … Meeting 5:30 +++ 13th Floor

I silent ruse, HEXed the trick ruses . . . .
The 11th Floor<<<---------is HEXed 4eva!!!
The 11th Floor is PWND by the silent ruse . . . . .

The 11th Floor will receive the Devil’s Thrown Hello . . .

The 11th Floor will be shacking up with the Devil, on his Devil’s Thrown…
The 11th Floor are ALIENS from the 13th planet……………
The 11th Floor - - - they ran out the country + + + dropping off like flies === Devil’s Thrown Hello

trashy little trampy earth mind + + + trashy little trampy earth path

trashy little trampy (anything) + + + Inkubus Sukkubus
by blthrskt December 1, 2009
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When two people involved in a workplace or office affair meet on the top floor of their building for a brief, but much needed, desired, and illicit midday liaison. The very top floor of many office buildings (or a portion of it) is typically not used by tenants and is reserved for the elevator machine room. It is usually only accessible by an unknown staircase, and makes a perfect hideaway for a secret office romance.
Jill: How about we take an 11th floor tailspin for lunch?

Jack: Sounds like a plan. Meet you at the stairs.

Jill: It's so dangerous! I love it!
by Raspberry Jam October 5, 2009
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