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A very strong alcoholic drink - 60 % and more. Made by the families in the bulgarian rural areas. Goes well with salad and a football match on TV. Don`t drink a lot - it gets you really fast.
`Dai edna rakia!` - (Bulgarian) Give me a cup of rakia!
by CASINO May 16, 2005
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A very strong alcoholic drink made usually by the fermantation of grapes. Plums, apples, cherries and all fruit which can ferment can also be used to make it. The fruit is usually cut up into small pieces and put to ferment together with sugar and certain herbs (for aroma) in a wooden (or plastic) barel. The mix is then distilled in private distillaries. It is highly popular within the territory ofthe Balkan peninsula, mostly in Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. Rakia has a nice, golden color which is a jot to the eye and a specific aroma for every fruit it is made of. Every rakia has different qualities, varying from the color to the alcohol %. I have to disagree that it is the national drink of Serbia, since people in Bulgaria think that for themselves.
Examples for good Rakia mass-producers would be the brands "Peshterska" (From a cave) and "Burgas 69". Some of the best Rakia producers are from the area of Shumen and Targovishte and mostly the souther parts of Bulgaria.
by Popov January 14, 2008
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Extremely strong alcoholic drink made BY bulgarians FOR bulgarians. One shot is enough to raise your forehead temperature several times.

Known side effects:
- You may start to sing.
- You can't find your way home.
- It's possible you may forget your name and/or get lost in your own home.
- If you drink more than 1 liter you may collapse. The bulgarian term for this condition is "Ïèÿí íà ñâèíÿ" (transcription "Pian na svinia", meaning "Drunk like a pig").
...oh, rakiq,oh holy martyr... (quote from a bulgarian rakia-dedicated song... actually most of the bulgarian popular music (a.k.a. chalga) is dedicated and/or result of this powerfull brew...)
by Vlado December 13, 2005
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It is Bulgarian alcohol drink. Probably the greatest alcohol drink ever made in the world. It is made by fruits and it has a lot of types - "Slivova"(made by plums), "Grozdova"(made by grapes) and quite more.
Don't drink more than 0,5l from it.
by do4okarako4ev April 08, 2005
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rakia or rakija (in Serbo-Croatian) is strong liquor similar to vodka, made by distillation from fermented fruits that are popular throughout the Balkans. Its alcoholic contents is normally 40%, but home produced rakia is higher, typically 50 to 70%. It is also the national drink of Serbia.
Person 1: shit, that guy just had three shots of Rakia. You know how strong that shit is?
Person 2: It's Damn strong, he must be a Serb.
by CrnaStrela August 31, 2005
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