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phrase used to express a desire to get a party started. Often followed by the phrase "off the hook."
Let's raise the roof until this party is off the hook!
by Scarface December 26, 2002

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The best fucking whiskey on earth!
"Hey lets go get some VO and get fucking hammered!"
by Scarface February 19, 2004

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what you would call the world when speaking to Tony Montana.
Me: The World Is Yours, Tony.
Tony Montana: Don't fuck wit me man.
by Scarface May 03, 2004

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The Vagina of a black woman
"damn, look at Shemika's Purple Cooter. That shit reeks"
by scarface January 17, 2005

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The sound that is made when a penis is slapped across an unsuspecting face.
Budadadada..."That's what you get you stupid cunt nigger!"
by Scarface February 19, 2004

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the act of inserting one or both testicles in a girls asshole while banging her.
"damn man, i was fucking cindy last night and i gave her a SF-hotpocket when i shoved my balls in her ass.
by scarface February 18, 2005

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A program designed by VALVe to make more money out of their games, and convenience gamers by auto updating games, and adding a friends/im system. This makes them more money because they dont have to pay the publisher as much money so instead of getting 15 bucks a copy after all the publishing fees, they get about 40. It was released over one and a half years ago with many bugs, those bugs were fixed, but people still blame steam on their crappy comp
steam is much better, just because ur 4 year old comp and ur 56k connection cant run the game fast, doesn't mean its steam fault. What would u rather do, Wait for 5 hours inline on fileplanet, or directly download content from one of steam 44 content servers.
by Scarface November 29, 2004

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