A party where girls each wearing different colored lipstick
give blowjobs to the guys, the marks left on the guy's penis are the colors of a rainbow. Contrary to popular belief, this was not a term made up by Oprah, it was brought about in a juvenille fiction book called "Rainbow Party."
*washing hands in a restroom*

guy 1: dude what's all over your hands?
guy 2: oh I just left a rainbow party
guy 1: man you rock
by Al386 June 7, 2006
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I party where girls wear diffrent colored lipstick and suck guy's dicks. The guy with the most the color on his dick wins
Hey man there was a rainbow party, and I won!!!
by Got Milk November 24, 2005
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collection of girls with different color lipsticks competing who can deep throat a penis the best.
it took me four weeks to get the smile off my face after volunteering for putting on a rainbow party
by james oliverio February 2, 2006
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very fun party for guys.
-Dude didnt you love that rainbow party?
-omg my penis was magical.
by lovelovelove2828 June 2, 2009
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Let me start off by saying, rainbow parties are dumb. And before you stop reading, just hear me out.
OBVIOUS reason #1: Why do guys want RAINBOWS on their... well on any body part for that matter. Rainbows are connected with being gay. So why a straight guy would want a rainbow colored dick is beyond me.
OBVIOUS reason #2: Does it not disturb any of you guys out there that the girl who is putting her "mark" on you just had her mouth on another's guy's dick? Imagine this: precum from another guy being transferred onto your dick from this girl's mouth.
OBVIOUS reason #3: Wouldn't you much rather a girl give you a full on blowjob than to give you her "mark"?
OBVIOUS reason #3: Oh wow, I got a rainbow on my dick. But I'm still horny because these girls' mouths have been all over me and I haven't got off.
by Jimmy March 3, 2005
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well besides the Oprah making the whole thing up...it is now a book! where an oprah follower got an idea!
book guy:
wow i believe oprah because she has her own tv show and thinks she know everything
Oprah: yes i do think i kno everyting and have a tv show
by sarah jones June 12, 2005
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a party where girls wear differnt color lipstick and suck the guys there's dick and who ever has the best "rainbow" wins
guy 1 :i cant get all the lipstick off my cock

guy 2: must have been a wild rainbo party

guy 1: sure was
by lil jon March 11, 2005
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