A sweet, carrying, funny guy, has a very cute giggle, he can make his voice sound so low and seductive which is very sexy, he is adorable, has brown eyes, he is a very loveable guy, he says the most cutest and sweetest thing any girl would want to hear come out of a guys mouth, hes amazing and he is raheem.
cute, adorable, raheem is who he is which is amazing
by a person u will never know December 31, 2011
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An unequivocal, empirical evidence of an existing creature (human) but is a catboy.
by catboyexposer1 May 9, 2023
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Raheeme is Nice, funny, caring, and HHH. You can count on him likeee 123 he’ll be there. He is underrated.
Omg that person acts like such a Raheeme
by Ri_gargantuan September 3, 2021
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Verb: the act of placing one's hand on another's shoulder, foot or ear, with intent to surprise or provoke an involuntary response to stimulus, before the target is aware of your presence.
I tried raheeming him the other day and got raheemed in the process.
by gset2010 August 6, 2010
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Raheem is the most interesting character you'll ever know. Raheem is a man who is a class above all classes, a truly magnificent person. He will touch your heart with his poetry; bless your spirit with his grace and love you like no other human being has ever loved you. He places his faith in the universe and is a lover of the arts, but music is his passion, his comfort, his soul. Loyal and will stand by his loved ones no matter what.

2. A great leader, always aware of the situation and is prominently resourceful.
3. Calm and cool behavior.
4. Mysterious appearance.
"That guy at the bar is a real Raheem, he's so mysterious."
by GossipGurl98 December 16, 2016
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He is a good looking person and he is funny kind and friendly.if you have a Raheem in your life you are extremely lucky.Cherish him no matter what.
Person1:Have you herd the news
Person1:Raheem came first in the good looking compotishon
by Usjsudjdh November 27, 2018
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Raheem is one of the best looking guys at school.
Raheem is the cool kid everyone wants to know.
Raheem is an awesome guy
by frufrumcfru February 5, 2010
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