Either a male human that is half-cat(thus having cat ears, a cat tail, and paws) or a male cat that is half human(thus standing upright and having slightly more human anatomy.)
Sometimes also used to refer to a male that acts like a cat.
"My boyfriend is such a catboy..."

"Do you like stories with catboys?"
by Psychosis Poet November 24, 2004
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The ultimate being. Beyond all understanding of genetics, catboys have become the ultimate being in the universe? Was it evolution? Was it a gift by some deity? We will never know, but what we do know is that catboys are the ulimate being.
im a catboy nyaaaa -the ultimate being
by neyoid January 7, 2022
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A boy that wears cat ears and acts like a cat or any boy named martin
That boy named martin is a catboy.
by lasagnagarfield August 21, 2021
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basically a man or a he/they non-binary. who dresses up like a cat, people will often say that they're a furry, but no. they're a catboy.
girl 1: i think that catboy is pretty cute boy1: me too!
someone:ew catboys are such furrys! boy1: no they aren't, first of all there's nothing wrong with being a furry, and second, they're just a ''normal'' person like you and me, they just wear cat ears and sometimes tails.
by toby ッ October 29, 2020
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Used to describe a gentleman that on a night out attracts a lady or ladies only to bring them back home and loose interest. Similar to the actions of a feline that might return with quarry to leave it upon the door mat.

To act with the attention span of a knat.

One who emulates a feline in pursuit of partners.
I see he is being his usual catboy self, bringing back birds and doing nothing with them.
by maxbadger October 24, 2010
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A catboy or catgirl and cathem is a Catalan-speaking person with catish tendencies like saying marrameu,meu,nya and using expressions like:Mèu vos guard or simply speaking with the w instead of the r,sleeping in the sun,make rrrrrrrrr when they are Comfy,eating lasagna or fish and even allioli.

The therm originated in "Twiter Catalunya" or "Twitter Catalu-nya" but catalan people are not te exclusive "gatnois" "gatnoies" and "gathems".

In Valencian Country are caled "gatxics","gatxiques" and "gathems".

In Occitania ar called "gatnois" "gatnoies" o "gathems" del nord (some of them know how to speak fluent french).

In the Balearic Islands there still catboys there yes even if they are surrounded by water(they hate water not in a otaku way) catboys prevail they are "gatal·lot" "gatal·lota" and "gatal·loti".

There are andorran catboys they are all just named andorran "gatnois" "gatnoies" o "gathems"

(there is no found evidence of catboys in l'alguer)

Even considering all this you can become a catboy if you speak catalan even if you are from another place and you learn the language and you become even more breedable it is a fact.
el catboy (noi catalunya)

soc un catboy 😺 (boy de Catalunya 😹) miau miau 😼😽 visca Catalunya 😻 (terra de catboys com jo 🙀)

Que dura es la vida de un catboy aka chico catalunya como yo
by JummusMcnugget March 3, 2023
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